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Recycling Machine of GREENMAX Styrofoam Densifier M-C300 on Sale

  • GREENMAX Styrofoam Densifier M-C300 is specialized in foam recycling by compacting and hot melting your waste foams. To get more please go... Read more

Recycling Machine of GREENMAX EPS Densifier M-C100 on Sale

  • GREENMAX EPS Densifier M-C100 provides you professional foam recycling from waste scraps to precious resources. More information please visit... Read more

Recycling machine of GREENMAX styrofoam compactor A-C100

  • Styrofoam compactor APOLO C100 can compact all kinds of EPS scraps and bulk EPS scarps into a compact size. The compactor machine can compact... Read more

Polystyrene shredder GREENMAX Z-C100

  • GREENMAX ZEUS C100 is especially designed for Expendable Polyethylene (EPE) with surface melting technology which can perfectly solve screw... Read more


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