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Professional foam recycling machine of GREENMAX ZEUS series

GREENMAX ZEUS series is the stronger version foam recycling machine. Apart from waste EPS foam, it can also dispose PE foam and EPP materials. The... Read more

Professional Styrofoam compactor of GREENMAX APOLO series

GREENMAX A-C200 Styrofoam compactor is foam recycling machine, specially designed for material like EPS, XPS, EPP and PSP foam food trays... Read more

High quality GREENMAX M-C100 EPS densifier

GREENMAX MARS series Styrofoam densifier is a melting machine with the process of crushing, melting and extruding for the waste foam disposal. The... Read more

Offer for Apple iPhone and Samsung Galaxy for sales at wholesales price.

Here are the list of Apple and Samsung for sales below:Apple iPhone:Apple iPhone 11 64GB cost 700 €Apple iPhone 11 128GB cost 750 €Apple... Read more


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