Seeking two women for a cinema business

Arbutus, United States

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I am Tarak Khanfir, amarginalized and segregated struggling writer who has a heroic experience of 17years and who remained always a free speaker and a proud knight refusing to bea slave to any leader, political party or ruling power in the world. Duringmany previous years, I made an enormous project of a very long series called Bang Women whose main antagonist is Princess Shama : I made this project mainlyon separate and non – organized drafts (texts, videos, web pages) which Idelivered on DVDs internationally to many official and non – official parts. Iam seeking two women to engage themselves in working with me the main andcomplete job. First, the nature of my project requires a rare feminineknowledge and requires the collaboration and fusion of the masculine creativityand efforts with the feminine creativity and efforts. There is many specialfeminine practices and affairs which I can never proceed alone without thepresence of a woman. So the first woman will be my allying woman writer whowill write the full script of the series with me hand to hand. I confess thatmy job is wretched and needs deep reform, so this allying woman will use herintellectual power and her creativity to reform my series and to make thedeveloped version of it much more successful than mine alone, after she seesall my separate and non – organized drafts and after she makes several longmeetings with me. The second woman will be Princess Shama, the star number oneof my series. The job of this woman will first of all consist on acting. We maymake many drama training and many drama shows which contain well – chosenscenes from here and there of my series which respect the chronological orderand which mainly tend for publicity and attracting sponsors. Then, this womanwill be a Princess with the team of actors and actresses as she is a Princessin the series : she will be assigned to make the castings and recruitment ofthe actors and actresses, and she will train them, teach them and manage themalso. Princess Shama is the headmistress of everything concerning the engagedteams of actors and actresses. To be clear with you, nothing is guaranteed inmy business. It is a real adventure in Sfax. Those two women will live with meas two sisters for several months or even several years. We will do our best toseduce the producers around the world and to seduce media channels to makepublicity for us; each person must have his own creativity and effortconcerning that. We may even ask for trade loans for our series projects frombanks from here and there around the world, and when the bank realizes that itis really a serious affair and that there is a big team of persons engaged onit, they will be really encouraged to engage themselves with us in thisbusiness through finance. I call every woman who is interested in my offer tocontact me through e mail.


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