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PERFECTLABORATORY is the first and only laboratory in Europe that manufactures SSDLOTUTION chemicals,UNIVERSAL ANTI VIRUS powders, UNIVERSAL RÉACTIVATION POWDER,All type of spray and offers machine and 4D machine services .It was firstcreated to handle money issues with European countries but by 1952 began tooperate worldwide to the fast rising of black money and all type deface moneyowners in the world.(asia-europe-america-oceanie and africa)

we provide all the materials(including chemicals, salts, and powders) for the cleaning of anti-breezebanknotes in all forms. We also have the machine for processing huge amountswhich can be provided on customer's demand. We have stock of the differentchemicals, salts and powders for processing all banknotes. Some of the chemicalsolutions we have available include ssd automatic solution, ts4 solution,vectrol paste, ttz universal solution, monogosia solution, tebimatonic solution gustavic solution and many more. Just let usknow your requirements, and we'll let you know of its availability. We alsohave activating salts and humine powders. Whatever your situation, contact uswith a detailed inquiry. We'll always get back to you with solutions.
On buyer's request, we can send our reputabletechnicians to handle the processing of your consignments. Please note that wedo not travel to all destinations. So kindly inform us of your locations toascertain the possibilities.
At Clasic Ssd chemicals, the name explains it all.We are simply the best. We've been in the business for over twenty years. Apartfrom supplying the materials needed to clean your money, we also offer freeconsultation on how to preserve your banknotes in the best form beforeprocessing. With our wealth of experience in this area, you are guaranteed ofgetting the best quality products and services.
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